A production followed with care and emotion step by step. Selected raw materials combined with internal production craftsmanship are the characteristics that have distinguished Meneghetti Mobili for years.

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  • Veneer

    The veneer department prepares the veneer that will be spliced and then glued with the press on the panels: many are the essences used in these processes, both of European woods such as Oak, Cherry, Beech, Walnut and Maple, and exotic woods such as Ebony, Rosewood, Zebrano, Mahogany and Wenge. We also process additional essences as well as pre-composed veneers in the various shades and veins.

  • Plating

    By means of the plating technique we have the possibility to give the surfaces of our furniture a particular character, following the shape of the project. The panels are plated directly in the company, the sides can be veneered with various types of wood.

  • Routing and Milling

    Milling is a mechanical machining process that modifies the profile of a workpiece and is performed by means of numerical control devices. Thanks to a 5-axis machining center, we are able to perform: - cutting and shaping of special pieces, also in three-dimensional.

  • Edging

    The wood edging is done with a high precision edging machine, which uses the latest technologies. This device is used in the field of wood and wood products, in order to apply with meticulous precision a plastic edge or wooden panels. The edge used can be of different types and with variable thickness depending on the needs and use. The edges that are most used are in ABS and PVC, laminate, wood, phenolic paper, solid MDF and aluminum.

  • Curvature

    The curvature of wood is art, excellence, synthesis of creativity, technical ability and innovation: over thirty years of experience in the production of curved curved laminated wood and curved multilayer, allows us to set no limits to production opportunities. All Meneghetti Mobili's curved products are made from sheets of wood that undergo a bending process with the help of hot-pressed gluing.

  • Assembly

    You make furniture. During the assembly phase, the different parts that will make up the furniture are assembled together. This is a very delicate moment and must be performed in a workmanlike manner. Our staff is specialized in the assembly of any type of furniture, smooth or carved, convex or shaped. Each section must be connected to the other with precision, only then will the cabinet be fully functional once mounted.