Like the design and as much as the actual processing, the choice of materials and finishes is of fundamental importance for the final result, both for the reliability of the furniture and for its ability to excite us.

Each type of wood is different, as well as each mechanical mechanism and as well as finishes of different materials such as iron, glass, metal, plexiglass and plastics. It's up to us to advise you on their best combination. A custom-made quality piece of furniture must not only last over time: it must satisfy the sight and the touch, excite us every time we touch it.

For this reason, we work with many different types of materials and we are constantly striving to find new solutions. We can supply the furniture with any type of finish: classic, lacquered, satin, brushed, and so on. We can integrate wood with metal and glass elements.


The quality of the product starts upstream, in the meticulous and careful choice of materials, to conceive an impeccable aesthetic in a completely handcrafted product.


The materials for the furniture and finishes are of various types and colors, contribute to create atmosphere and can also be used to create separations or divisions between the internal spaces of the house.