Triumph Palace

Moscow - Russia - 2010

The Triumph Palace in Moscow hosts, in its 57floors, around 1,000 luxury apartments for residential use. The outsourcer has requested the absolute elegance and the majesty in furnishing the meeting room. Boiserie woodwork was made by Meneghetti Mobili in very small time. The beauty of the reliefs on the walls and ceiling inlaid, emerges with taste and is amplified by the matching of light specifically planned to create an openness feeling of space to relax visitors mind.

The ceiling paintings art fundamentally interacts with the surrounding space. The impressive table dominates the room and becomes key element, capturing the gaze of visitors on prized gilded inlaid corner. White lights light up gold leaf decorations, precious items handmade by our craftsmen, and the whole ambience acquires lightness and refinement. The vertical gilded reliefs raise ceiling, while the white walls widen horizontally the room. The room and hallways appear broader than their actual size.