Wood has its own identity: it transmits authenticity, warmth and well-being. Our fantasy has been expressed in prestigious made-to-measure woodwork, ranging from classic style to modern solutions, from commercial furniture to private homes.

What we offer


We follow with care all the phases, from the conception to the planning, from the manual realization to the laying.



Living in the home is a different concept from "just" living in a well-furnished house; this thought always guides us, from the first moment we meet a customer. We take advantage of experienced designers and of technical office capable of processing customer requests to better interpret its objectives.



    Technical Performance

    Once the project will be approved all operation phases will start. First step will be the choice of material to be used, a careful choice in accordance to physical and natural of the ambience that will have to furnish, fully respecting the soul of wood, a natural alive element ever bio-physical changing . We work valuable woods such as walnut, oak, cherry, properly dried, evaporated and mature, in order to achieve an optimal level of stability over time and the best guarantee of durability.



    We realize polished furniture. Any variety of color, varnish and finishing can be achieved, compatibly with wood properties..



      Transport and Installation

      Subject to the discretion of the customer, we can provide full service of transport to site, following the delicate phase of most suitable package choice, once received our team could install our furniture.

    After Sale Service


    We never consider a project definitively concluded, as we believe in the evolution of wood and we know damage wear, time and weather changes can cause. Due to this reason our technical support continues even after installation to guarantee the value of our product.