Meneghetti Mobili covers about 3000 square meters.

Inside the production alongside the CNC machines there are expert craftsmen who deal with each finishing, to always give a distinctive character and life to each product that leaves our factory.

Born in the 60s in Bassano del Grappa, from the passion of Mr. Giovanni Meneghetti and highly skilled craftsmen, the Meneghetti Mobili company is managed to capture the rich tradition of ancient techniques and furniture craftsmanship, offering them in the current market. Now run by his son Massimo, the company remains committed to good timeless design and functionality, creating furniture to be inherited from generation to generation.

An Italian production, with a workforce devoted to the arts of coloring, carving, inlaying, painting, and caring for details: Meneghetti Mobili focuses on the particular nuances that set its fine furniture apart from the ordinary – for instance, its artisans only use water base colors. Meneghetti Mobili is the connection among technology, design and artistry, producing masterpieces.


Our production is considered of high quality and craftsmanship. Our furniture is designed to guarantee maximum stability and durability over time.


Today, about 20 people work for Meneghetti Mobili, including skilled workers, technicians, control and management staff, logistics and warehouse workers, as well as designers and managers.



Giovanni Meneghetti